Kesha Ayres

Kesha is a talented and enchanting female DJ, producer and vocalist originally from the UK, AYRES Born Into a family that listened to music 24/7 she naturally developed an intense passion for music and from the age of 13 she would mess around on DJ software making her own tunes and mixing.

When she was 18 she found herself in Indonesia where she decided to take her passion more seriously and learn how to DJ professionally on the turn-tables. Originally diving into Trance, over the past few years Kesha increased her repertoire finding a love for many different genres and during the past year she has clocked up over 200 sets alone. Kesha lies true to the beauty that is of the discerning female music mastermind and is known for her ability to read the crowd and select the right tracks to whip them into a frenzy with her high energy and dance moves which keeps the venues wanting her back again and again.

With her seamless and creative mixing, she is the ideal choice for any club or event and will often extend her talents In to live vocals during her sets! Currently starting to release her own tracks and also teaming up on collaborations with some of Indonesia’s best producers she has a few big releases on the way! Fire- Original Mix by Kesha Ayres & Adieh Flowz was released on the UK’s Panache Records in August 2014.

Her latest Track „Insaneous“ is due to be released soon on the same label and her Remix of Iggy Azalea’s- My World received over 5000 downloads via soundcloud and other music sites as well as her latest Remix of Tove Lo‘s- Talking Body.